My inspiration comes while trekking through the gritty chaos of a metal scrap yard, abandoned alleyway or natural area. I find beauty in imperfection and may often times see it in scarred and weathered surfaces of a rusty scrap of metal, natural stone or other found objects.

In these abandoned and overlooked areas, I capture digital images that speak to me and I sense may have the visual information I seek. These images often transcend their original source and become elevated to striking and colorful compositions through subtle manipulation, by adding a bit more of the original color captured in the image or creating more contrast to please the eye.

The artistic process I use to create my unique box mounted art prints begins with an original digital image. The image is printed in my studio using archival Epson pigment inks on 100% cotton hot press Epson Ultra Smooth Fine Art paper. The high quality giclee print is then mounted on a custom boxed panel and hand textured using a large brush with clear acrylic gel medium for a UV protective and beautiful finish.