Ice on Lake Lenore  24"x48"

Kim Matthews Wheaton graduated from UC Berkeley in Art with a strong sense of shapes and colors as they played out in the architecture of her world including San Francisco, New Mexico, Venice and Paris. In 1997, that world changed forever when she moved to the center of the state of Washington. Many of us know of Moses Lake only from the freeway. We often dismiss this stretch of land between the edges of Spokane and the Cascades as bleak and monotonous. Kim, on the other hand, found the landscape “irresistible and challenging…..What I loved most ….was its emptiness, it’s endless horizon.” She returned to her first love of oil painting and crafted a style that “distills the strong shapes, contrasting colors and textures down to their essence, without sacrificing the simple realism of the landscape.” Her masterpieces leave us with a sense of calm and serenity.