Dodson’s Buys Estate Jewelry

At Dodson’s we purchase jewelry every day. While we love vintage and period jewelry, we’re interested in contemporary jewelry as well. We consider a wide range of jewelry styles and materials, from platinum and diamonds to gold-filled and costume items.

Three factors will determine the value of your jewelry:

Intrinsic value: Is it gold or platinum? Does it have genuine diamonds or color stones? Even if an item is not currently popular, if it is made of gold or platinum it will have some intrinsic value.

Condition: An item may have high intrinsic value but it might need a good deal of repair in order for us to warranty it before we can sell it. The value of the item can thus be affected by its condition. Watches, for example, almost always need cleaning and this cost has to be factored into the value of the item.

Saleability: You might have an item that has high intrinsic value and be in good condition, but because the style is not currently popular, it will have less value. Conversely, you might have a piece of costume jewelry that has no intrinsic value but is highly desirable and therefore highly saleable. This is why we look at all the factors affecting the value of a piece of jewelry.

When we purchase estate jewelry, we will sometimes recommend a consignment option. This method allows for the highest return possible on your jewelry. Under some circumstances, we will make a cash offer.

Each estate is different, so please contact us by e-mail at or call us at 1-877-DODSONS and we’ll make an appointment to view your jewelry. There is no charge for this service and all of our work is confidential.