Dodson’s Jewelers makes jewelry shopping the enjoyable, exciting, and emotional experience it should be. We’re a different kind of jewelry store, a family tradition founded on selection and service that now spans four generations. For us, jewelry isn’t a product line, but our passion, and nothing gives us more pleasure than introducing people to the jewelry that’s just right for them.

The Dodson difference starts with our huge collection of hand-selected jewelry. From diamond rings, pearl necklaces and gold bracelets to colored gems, estate jewelry, timepieces, gifts and much more, we have something for everyone. We can even custom design a piece of jewelry for you. Beautiful, distinctive, and of the highest quality, your jewelry from Dodson’s—no matter what you select or how much you choose to spend—is sure to become a treasured heirloom for generations to come.

Exceptional merchandise is one part of the Dodson difference. The other is service. For many jewelry stores, service is a means to get you to buy something. At Dodson’s, service is how we build relationships with our customers, whether they purchase jewelry from us or not. It’s your experience with us that’s most important, which is why when you shop at Dodson’s there are no sales pitches, high pressure tactics or time limits. We simply listen to what you want and help you find exactly the jewelry you’ve been hoping for, whatever your budget, whatever the occasion.

For over 120 years, Dodson’s has been giving people a better way to find the jewelry they love. We invite you to visit us in Spokane and experience the Dodson difference for yourself.