Diamond Sources

Our diamond sources have changed since we opened our doors in 1887, but our commitment to finding only the best diamonds has not. Dodson’s expertise has been passed down through four generations to Dodson’s current owner, Penn Fix, Jr., the great-grandson of Dodson’s founder.

Many of our diamonds come from South Africa. Penn Fix has traveled to South Africa on two occasions to establish a working relationship with a fifth-generation diamond cutter. There he followed the production of diamonds from the mines to the polishing of the diamond crystals. At every step he examined the working conditions and pay scale of the employees and was more than satisfied.

Rest assured, our diamonds are conflict free. In addition, for every diamond purchased Dodson’s makes a contribution to one of four community projects in South Africa. These projects are under the sponsorship of the nonprofit organization Global Giving and can be seen at globalgiving.com/privatecollection.

We also source diamonds through our estate purchases (so you could say we’re in the recycling business as well). Often we will re-cut these diamonds to our time-honored specifications to enhance their brilliance and value.