Dodson Diamonds

Dodson’s has been introducing fine diamonds to the Pacific Northwest since 1887. What was true then is still true today: the Dodson diamond is a diamond of exceptional quality and beauty that will be among your favorite jewelry for years to come.

We know that shopping for diamonds can be overwhelming. Our goal at Dodson’s is not only to help you find the right diamond, but to help you understand diamonds so you can make a more informed choice.

When you visit our store in Spokane, a Dodson’s Certified Gemologist will show you why the Dodson Diamond is so outstanding. You can hold the diamonds, see their amazing ability to reflect light, try them out on your finger–even view them under a microscope. It’s an experience you simply cannot get through an Internet jewelry store.

We work very hard to find the very best diamonds to meet your budget. At Dodson’s, good value never means lower quality. Our diamonds are affordable and we have a variety of in-house financing arrangements to meet your needs.

We look forward to seeing you in Spokane soon.